The Origin Of Marriage Question.


Today there is an ethical war going on before our very eyes. It’s a war which doesn’t just affect a certain people, or a certain nation, or a certain age group, or a certain gender. This ethical war is universal. It affects all people in all nations of all age groups among both genders: male and female. The final results of this ethical war can and will affect how we define the most important institution the world has ever had: The institution of marriage. We see a war being declared by the homosexual community against what has been the definition of marriage for centuries: Marriage is a heterosexual union between a man and a woman. In the United States of America we are now being fed the idea that marriage is a right, not a sacred institution created by the God of the Bible. We are being told by the homosexual community and by many politicians that marriage is a right to be given and enjoyed by both heterosexuals and homosexuals. As I listen to all of the debates and claims, I think we must ask the question: What is the origin of marriage? In this blog we will examine the importance of this question because the answer to this question can finally put to rest the whole debate as to whether or not homosexual marriage is a right and is it right.

At the outset, some reading this blog will ask the question: Who cares? My answer is that you should care! The institution of marriage is being redefined. It is being redefined as if it is perfectly alright to do so, but is it? Can humanity freely change the definition and perception of what marriage is? I think before we do any historic changes to what marriage is and between whom, we must first ask these questions: What is the origin of marriage? Where did this institution originate? Did anyone set the ground rules for who can and cannot get married? Are we authorized to make changes and revisions or are these ground rules unchangeable? Can the homosexual community, politicians and same-sex marriage advocates answer these questions?

If these questions are presented to them, they would not be able to answer the first question let alone answer the questions following. They don’t deal with the question of the origin of marriage because if they did, it would put same-sex marriage on hold or stop it all together. Who can the homosexual community, politicians, and same-sex marriage advocates appeal to in order to justify same-sex marriage? It cannot be themselves or any finite human being because we finite human beings tend to be wrong or err in our convictions and ideas. Therefore the authority they appeal to must be an infinite Being who is changeless and absolutely perfect. The origin of marriage rests upon it coming from such a Being, otherwise no authority on marriage is absolutely trustworthy.

Do the homosexual community, politicians, and same-sex marriage advocates have a changeless and absolutely perfect infinite Being who is the originator of marriage who has decreed that both heterosexual and homosexual marriage is good in His sight? No they do not. Otherwise there would be no opposition against homosexual marriage that could stand. The truth, however, is that homosexuals are in an ethical war for the right to be able to get married because they have no infinite Authority to appeal to; One who is the originator of marriage, who has laid down the ground rules for who can and who cannot get married. Without such a powerful infinite Authority the homosexual community, politicians, and same-sex marriage advocates are left to play with a blank deck of cards.The fight for same-sex marriage becomes a political fight instead of an argument from infinite Authority. The homosexual argument for same-sex marriage becomes an argument from emotion and opinion and not from logic and facts. Therefore politicians should seek to find out what is the origin of marriage and who is its originator before legalizing same-sex marriage, otherwise government authorities may be violating the will and rules of the Creator of the institution of marriage.

On the other side of the ethical war, however, is the Christians who declares strongly that homosexual marriage is a sin. We declare that homosexuality is a sin, therefore, homosexual marriage is a sin. God is the Creator of the institution of marriage, so this answers the question: What is the origin of marriage? God is! Where did the institution of marriage originate? With God in the Garden of Eden when he performed the first marriage ceremony between the first man and the first woman, Adam and Eve. Adam quoted to us the first ever marriage vows in Genesis 2:23-24, “And Adam said: ‘ This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.'”  In these pair of verses we see the ground rules laid down as well which is for the man to leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife. Did God lay down ground rules for who can and cannot get married? Yes He did. This is found in Adam’s marriage vows in Genesis 2:24 which clearly states that a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and become one flesh. In the Bible you never see any homosexual couples who are followers of the Triune God nor do you see God’s endorsement of homosexual marriage period. Why? Because homosexuality is a sin against God (Lev.18:22, Romans 1:24-27, 1st Corinthians 6:9). So since homosexuality is a sin against God, how much more is homosexual marriage a sin against God? This therefore answers the question of whether or not we are authorized to revise and change the ground rules that God has established and laid down and the answer is a resounding no! God who is unchanging(Micah 3:6) and infinite has the final word on marriage and we have no authorization whatsoever to revise and change the definition of marriage.

In conclusion we have seen that the homosexual community, politicians, and same-sex marriage advocates cannot answer the question about the origin of marriage. This is so because they have no infinite Authority regarding the issue of marriage. They simply have no originator of marriage who declares that homosexual marriage is good. Therefore they are left with arguments from emotion and opinion and the debate becomes one which is purely political and not factual. On the other hand the Christian community points humanity to God as the origin and originator of the institution of marriage. He is the One who lays down the ground rules for marriage both in the Old and New Testament. He is the infinite Authority on marriage and we as finite beings have no right to revise and change His design and definition of marriage. It would be good for us not to attempt to fix that which isn’t broken and to accept God’s design and definition of marriage. The U.S. Congress and our President who call on God to bless America after every speech should bless God in return by maintaining the Biblical definition of marriage as He authorized it.

4 thoughts on “The Origin Of Marriage Question.

  1. ajax

    Oh no…what a very controversial subject! Politics and religion as everyone knows are topics in which EVERYONE has there own beliefs and opinions. (opinions are like butts* everyone has one) So here’s mine with the facts… 😉 “Marriage is a unique legal status conferred by and recognized by governments the world over. It brings
    with it a host of reciprocal obligations, rights, and protections. Yet it is more than the sum of its legal
    parts. It is also a cultural institution. The word itself is a fundamental protection, conveying clearly that
    you and your life partner love each other, are united and belong by each other’s side. It represents the
    ultimate expression of love and commitment between two people and GOD and everyone understands that. No
    other word has that power, and no other word can provide that protection.” Now with that said the main thing that stands out to me is that it is between the individuals and GOD! I am in NO place to stand in between ANYONE and GOD! To me we will all stand before God and OUR hearts will be judged and it is not my place or anyone else’s to judge anyone’s heart or come between ANYONE and God. Now it is so funny to me how people opposed to “gay marriage” can protest until their blue in their face and at the end of the day you are against something that will NEVER BE! Why fight something or have such an opinion on something that isn’t even and will never be? You are probably wondering what I am talking about considering it is legal HERE in MASS. Ha this is where EVERYONE needs to get the facts right. Gay marriage may be legal in some states but it is not marriage it is a civil union. “A civil union is a legal status created by the state of Vermont in 2000 and subsequently by the states of
    Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Illinois, Delaware and Hawaii. It provides legal
    protection to couples at the state law level, but OMITS federal protections as well as the dignity, clarity,
    security and power of the word “marriage.” Civil unions are NOT marriages and are NOT the same as a marriage by any means. So y are so many fighting for no gay marriage when these individuals are not married and do not have the same privileges/rules as “married’ people do. Christians stand up for what they believe in in radical ways and everyone else should also be able to stand up 4 what they believe in radical ways to. As a christian we are called to be “Christ like”. From some of my many years of biblical teachings one thing that I learned was that in Jesus’s time tax collectors and prostitutes were considered to be very morally corrupt and SINNERS. Did Jesus point fingers and judge? Did Jesus tell these tax collectors they were wrong or these prostitutes they were going to hell for being sexually immoral? NO NO NO! Instead Jesus sat down and ate dinner with these tax collectors He dropped to his knees and washed the prostitutes feet. This teaching should show us all that we need to be LOVE! We are called to be Christ like and to pursue OUR calling not to bash other peoples callings or beliefs. How can we save anyone proclaiming Jesus if at the same time we tear down others beliefs,callings and dreams. Who gave ANYONE the sword to cut down anyone in Jesus’s name? This whole book iv’e written here applies to so many things besides just gay marriage. We all need to be LOVE how much better we would all get along in this world. 😉

    1. reasonfortruth Post author

      There is so many things here I could respond to from your post. First of all, thank you for responding to this post, whether I agree with your view or not. Hearing other views on this subject is vitally important in discussing this topic. I guess the first thing I want to respond to right off the back is the “fact” that God will judge our hearts on Judgment Day. If this is so, then we are all damned to hell, Christian or not. This is so because God said in Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?” Further to prove the point, Jesus in Matthew 15:17-19 said that it is sinful desires like fornication, evil thoughts, thefts, and so forth that come from the heart of people. Therefore God is not going to judge mankind by their hearts because the heart is corrupted by sin. Instead we will be judged based on whether or not we believed on the Lord Jesus for salvation according to Jesus Himself in John 16:8-9. Jesus will be the reason we make it to Heaven, not our hearts. The second thing I would like to respond to is regarding the subject of civil unions. I hope you are not saying that God has no problem with civil unions because God does in fact has a big problem with it. Civil unions is a way of saying that being a homosexual is morally ok, when in fact it is not. The Bible Scriptures I provided in the blog clearly shows people that homosexuality is a sin. So since homosexuality is a sin, how then is civil unions morally good to Christians and above all morally good to God?

      1. ajax

        ou seem to have alot of knowledge with the bible. Very useful tool in this life. 🙂 Now when it comes to God judging the heart I like your references very good. I strongly agree that the Lord will judge according to john 3:16. Merly believing in the lord brings up another debate all in itself. LOL I mean I know plenty of people with many different “lifestyles” that believe Jesus died on the cross for their sins. (most likely even if They believed because of there life you/a Christian would judge whether the individual will actually go to heaven ha ha ha) Now as for civil unions you have no idea God’s view on civil unions as he NEVER once spoke of it. PLENTY OF STRAIGHT people better yet straight Christians CHOOSE to have a civil union for there own relationships and reasons you don’t just have to be gay to have one? Homosexuality is just as much a sin as all the rest .(Envy, Gluttony ,Lust ,Anger ,Greed, adultery ,lying ,stealing etc..) Funny how in the verse about who will not inherit the kingdom of heaven everyone seems to miss the fact that thieves will not enter yet, Jesus said to the thief on the cross next to him “I will see you in paradise”. John’s Gospel tells the story of a women caught in adultery who was brought before Jesus. The religious leaders say to him, “The law commands that she should be stoned to death, what do you say?” Jesus bends down and draws with his finger in the dirt, and then says to them “Let the one who is without sin throw the first stone.” One by one they all leave until he is there alone with the woman. Jesus says to her “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” “No one, sir,” she answered. “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared.
        Now, many preachers are quick to point out that Jesus next says to her: “Go and leave your life of sin.” But the real point here is that even though Jesus did consider adultery sinful, he still was the one who defended her. In fact, he was the only one there who was “without sin” and yet he did not cast a stone and did not condemn. So again, even if we think homosexuality is wrong, we know what Jesus would do in our shoes. He has drawn a line in the sand, and we need to decide what side of that line we will be on. Will we be on the side of Jesus and the one who is being condemned and threatened? Or will we stand with the religious accusers on the other side of that line? Maybe we were not the ones actually throwing those stones, but did we stand on the side of the accused and condemned and actively defend them like Jesus did? Did we actively defend and love “the least of these”? Because Jesus says that the way we treat them is the way we treat him. Jesus never says a word about homosexuality, but there was one kind of sin that he spoke out against all the time. There was one kind of sin that got Jesus really mad. This was the sin of religious people who shut out those in need of mercy. This was the sin of people who used the Bible as a weapon. You hear Jesus saying this on page after page of the gospels. Why? Because this type of sin has the potential to damage people like few other things do. It is particularly damaging because they claim to be speaking for God. So if we really want to speak out against sin, we as Christians need to speak out against the kind of sin that Jesus did, and side with the kinds of folks he did.
        What this all comes down to is we, as Christians, acting like Jesus. It’s about discerning what Jesus would want us to do right now, and the answer is clear: We need to change our priorities and focus on the critical issue of communicating love and acceptance to people — especially the very people our society so often ostracizes, condemns and rejects. Because that is exactly what Jesus did. Jesus was known for hanging out with “sinners” and was frequently accused of being a sinner himself because of it. But that did not stop him because he cared more about those people than he cared about being judged. No one has the power to cut people down in Jesus name NO ONE! Gay civil unions don’t affect u just like “worldly” straight marriages don’t affect you all that affects YOU is YOU and your relationships and you and GOD. In the end we will all have our day before our God and my goal is to reach as many people as I can in a positive loving way. I use the bible as a tool as a guideline for how I should live MY life not as a WEAPON to tear others down and throw in their faces how they are living WRONG!

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